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Medicare is complex and can be confusing, if you choose the wrong plan, supplemental insurance, or prescription coverage, then your budget or lifestyle could be affected. If you don't get enrolled at the appropriate time (your enrollment period) there could be penalties involved.

With my knowledge and expertise, I can help you understand your Medicare options and get you the care you need—wherever your life journey takes you. Please understand that I do not charge you a fee for helping you enroll or by providing my expertise. I am here to help guide you through this process.

Chris Mayberry

Chris is the founder and president of MMG. His mission is to help educate seniors with the ins and outs of Medicare. He will help get you enrolled into a plan that fits your needs and budget! He has over a decade of experience in the insurance and Medicare markets. He specializes in all forms of insurance including life, ancillary, supplemental and more.

Being an, independent broker he is able to give you quotes from multiple companies so you know you are getting the

"Right Plan For The Best Price".

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